Seven years after the release of her critically acclaimed second solo album, ‘Everlasting’, Melbourne’s much loved songstress Rebecca Barnard delivers the long awaited follow up, ‘Music for Listening and Relaxation’.

Recorded in country Victoria with former ‘Rebecca’s Empire’ bandmate, exploratory guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Michael den Elzen, ‘Music for Listening and Relaxation’ takes Barnard into new territory, reflecting an earthy depth drawn from the natural environment in which it was produced.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done”, Barnard reflects.

“It’s been a longtime coming, but this record represents a new peace and strength I have found creatively and emotionally. I’m incredibly proud of this record.”

Barnard’s signature honeyed vocal drips heartfelt lyrics over a meditative soundtrack that shimmers and broods mellifluously, whilst never straying too far from Barnard’s well-honed pop sensibility.

‘Music for Listening and Relaxation’ takes you driving along gumtree-lined roads in quintessentially Australian landscapes and gives you the courage to get lost but trust in your destination all at once.

Like slipping into a favorite jumper on a cool night, this unique album is Rebecca Barnard coming into her own musical power with a warmth and generosity that is hers alone to mine.

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Tracee Hutchison, Melbourne ~ May 2017